Going Green with Sapling

With such a powerful growing initiative as the Green movement, and all the pageantry and effort that comes with it, it is sometimes very simple to overlook it the more as it becomes a common theme in our culture. Many people become consumed by the cause and take all the necessary steps to live a […] Read more »

How a Sapling Clock System Could’ve Helped Jack Bauer

Everyone needs a hero in their lives, whether it’s a fictional or non-fictional persona, it’s someone you can depend on in times of trouble and even potential peril. Your hero can be someone who picks you up after your car breaks down or saves the world against evil using nonhuman powers to fly and laugh […] Read more »

Timing Behind the Scenes – Presidential Inauguration

In continuing with our Timing Behind the Scenes series, we have decided to cover an important day in America’s history: the President’s Inauguration. The beauty of America is the ability of its citizens to maintain their own voice and opinions about the state of the country. One way American citizens let their voice be heard […] Read more »

Timing Behind the Scenes – Sports Equipment Managers

Sapling’s synchronized clock systems can benefit a wide array of industries. In order to showcase how our clock systems can do just that, we have decided to go behind the scenes in certain industries and focus on a particular job or task and how the addition of a Sapling synchronized clock system can help bring […] Read more »

Sapling: Quality Products, Quality Craftsmanship, Quality Time

Many companies and organizations operate with many goals in mind, one of which usually includes improving customer satisfaction. Here at Sapling, we believe that using quality parts leads to the development of quality products and satisfied customers. All members of the Sapling team strive to produce superior clocks/clock systems and are proud of the products […] Read more »

Wireless Clock Systems – Education Saviors

There is a general consensus that being a doctor, lawyer, or anything that first requires obtaining such a high degree is most likely a difficult job, but many people do not realize the grueling demands of working in the education industry. Teachers and school administrators face constant pressures on a daily basis. Keeping a budget […] Read more »

Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – A Healthcare Necessity

In today’s day and age, people are having a difficult time agreeing on what’s most important in life. Financial achievements tend to be a popular goal for many individuals. On the other hand, people who aren’t as materialistic tend to view less intrinsic successes, such as spending quality time with family friends on a consistent […] Read more »

Thinking Outside of the Clock: How Sapling Differentiates their Wireless Clocks as the Ideal Product for the Healthcare System

In today’s society, many people fail to see eye-to-eye on what’s most important. Some people believe financial success lies at the top of the proverbial “importance hierarchy.” Others may attempt to undermine that notion with the claim that spirituality or happiness among friends and family constitute what’s most important. Despite the variety of differing opinions […] Read more »

Sapling’s Innovations in Synchronized Clock Systems

In the synchronized timekeeping market, innovation is key when it comes to producing products that best serve the needs of our customers. Sapling has been a leading innovator in the field, and we take great pride in our patented technologies which set our synchronized clock systems apart from the rest. We recognized some of the […] Read more »

Breakthroughs in Wireless Cell Tower Technology

The competition between cell phone companies has always been about who has the best coverage, or who can get your mobile Facebook page on your phone to load the fastest. Well, with recent developments in wireless cell tower technology this competition could get even more heated as companies gravitate to 4g and 5g networks in […] Read more »