Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – Offers Reliability and Accuracy

A common misperception about Sapling’s Wireless Clock System is that if one clock fails, they all fail. This is simply not the case. Sapling has engineered each clock within the wireless system to include a number of features that ensure if one clock stops working for some reason, the others will continue to operate without […] Read more »

Sapling’s Wired Clock System – Sync-Wire Communication

Time management is a skill that can transcend an organization to unimaginable heights. Without it, companies cannot reach their full potential in regards to organizational skills. With that being said, it is truly a wonder why countless executives sweep this important quality under the rug. A high-grade clock system is often viewed as a frivolous […] Read more »

Wired Master Clock Systems – 3 Options to Choose From

Sapling is an industry leader in providing wired master clock solutions for business, manufacturing, education, healthcare and more. When our customers need a wired system that works for them, we have more than one selection to choose from. Choosing the right wired system for any facility is a piece of cake with the system options […] Read more »