Sapling Assisting Campus Security

Campus security at any college or university is a full time job. These individuals work around the clock to maintain a safer environment. Campus security is answering phone calls from distressed students, supervising student activities, and monitoring security cameras, among other things. A campus security team can function more efficiently with a synchronized clock system. […] Read more »

As We Go On, We Remember

This is the time of year where doors begin to close and others begin to open; where chapters are finished being written and the next one begins. People all around the world are having their lives changed and moving on to new phases of their lives. It is the graduation time of year! College students […] Read more »

TalkBack Clock System – Freshman Year

Life on a college campus during a student’s freshman year is one that is filled with a plethora of different emotions. For students, it’s the first taste of independence. After a lifetime of being under the supervision of parents or guardians, these students are finally free to do what they want, when they want, however […] Read more »