This Time in History – The Launch of Facebook

Nowadays, when asked what you were doing this time last year or two years ago, people are now accustomed to going back through their Timeline where they can find posts, videos, photos and events that were occurring and impacting their life at a particular point in time. If you asked Mark Zuckerberg what he was […] Read more »

Wireless Clocks Enjoy Their Stay at Hotels

Many of us have been away from home, whether it’s for business or pleasure, the world calls us away from the comfort of our homes at one point or another. In many cases, you will need a place to stay and hotels are there to fulfill that need. Hotels never cease operation, they are a […] Read more »

This Time in History

Time is more than an object that is detected by the hands on a clock. While it’s used to help schedule events in our lives, time can mean so much more. Valuable events have occurred, ideas actualized and revelations discovered that have impacted all of our lives. With this blog series, I would like to […] Read more »

Timing Behind the Scenes – Sports Equipment Managers

Sapling’s synchronized clock systems can benefit a wide array of industries. In order to showcase how our clock systems can do just that, we have decided to go behind the scenes in certain industries and focus on a particular job or task and how the addition of a Sapling synchronized clock system can help bring […] Read more »

Sapling: Quality Products, Quality Craftsmanship, Quality Time

Many companies and organizations operate with many goals in mind, one of which usually includes improving customer satisfaction. Here at Sapling, we believe that using quality parts leads to the development of quality products and satisfied customers. All members of the Sapling team strive to produce superior clocks/clock systems and are proud of the products […] Read more »

Sapling’s Synchronized Clock Systems – More Than Just a Product

Synchronized clock systems positively affect companies in multiple ways. They make employees more efficient in the workplace, enhance the organizational skills of managers and, in hospitals, they can even benefit the patients’ wellbeing. The list can go on and on. Simply put, synchronized clock systems benefit the overall atmosphere of the areas in which they […] Read more »

Sapling’s Innovations in Synchronized Clock Systems

In the synchronized timekeeping market, innovation is key when it comes to producing products that best serve the needs of our customers. Sapling has been a leading innovator in the field, and we take great pride in our patented technologies which set our synchronized clock systems apart from the rest. We recognized some of the […] Read more »