Stop, Drop and Install a Synchronized Clock System

There are specific duties that a school is responsible for in their daily operations. Teachers are accountable when it comes to teaching students the subjects needed to learn such as math and English. Along with that, principals and fellow staff are liable to make the correct decisions that maximize the benefits in regards to budget, […] Read more »

Sapling Stars on the Small Screen

We here at Sapling want to thank the people at Technical College High School Pennock’s Bridge Campus for including our clocks in their 2013 commercial! What a pleasant surprise, glad to see you are enjoying your Sapling system. Technical College High School Pennock’s Bridge Campus can be found online at , on Facebook @ […] Read more »

Time to Run at Recess!

No one can forget the good old days in elementary school when the most anticipated time of the day was recess. You trade in lessons in math and English, pencils and blackboards for lessons in exercise and liveliness, fresh air and blacktops. It was seen as a respite time for teachers and for students to […] Read more »

Wireless Clocks, an Elementary Investment

A synchronized clock system provides many advantages to virtually any industry. Tardiness becomes indefensible and productivity normally spikes tenfold. Education is an industry that can benefit largely from the usage of time uniformity, namely the elementary education sector. Let’s face it, it is common to see a high school student say one thing, and do […] Read more »

Inclement Weather Preparation with Wireless Clocks

For those of us in a four-season climate, winter happens. This year, for those of us on the east coast of the United States, winter happened much sooner than we could have expected. When I think of snow, I usually picture a mid-January, post-Christmas storm in which I am armed and ready to go with […] Read more »

Master Clocks – A Helpful Component for All Institutions

When you think of a master clock, what may come to mind is the enormous, rack mounted server rooms full of highly accurate time distributing equipment that only a military or space station would find useful. You may ask yourself, who else would need such accurate time in their facility? The term “master clock” sometimes […] Read more »

Bells and School Clocks: Scheduling with Sapling’s Web Interface

If you currently have one of Sapling’s synchronized school clock systems installed in your educational facility, there is a possibility that the master clock you purchased with the system was an SMA-3000. This could be for many reasons. For instance, you may have desired the SMA-3000’s ability to perform countdowns on digital clocks, or maybe […] Read more »

Single? Or Double-Sided School Clocks? That is the question.

Deciding when to use a single or double-sided school clock within a school building can be tedious. Making this decision not only depends on the exact role the clock is intended to take on, but on the design or layout of the school’s building. So when is the best time to use a single or […] Read more »

HERE’S THE SITUATION SERIES: School Districts Get in Sync with Advanced Timing Solutions

Many schools districts all over the country often struggle to manage their time. In large school districts, this can become even more difficult. Since schools within a district share many resources, timing is of the utmost importance. Busses, for instance, are shared between elementary schools, middle schools and high schools; all of which commence and […] Read more »