Bells and School Clocks: Scheduling with Sapling’s Web Interface

If you currently have one of Sapling’s synchronized school clock systems installed in your educational facility, there is a possibility that the master clock you purchased with the system was an SMA-3000. This could be for many reasons. For instance, you may have desired the SMA-3000’s ability to perform countdowns on digital clocks, or maybe […] Read more »

Wireless Solutions for School Clocks and Hospital Clocks

The expansion of wireless solutions across the country in schools as well as hospitals is no coincidence. Because of their low cost and reliability, wireless products have reached a pinnacle in their application of these various facilities, and by no means is the wireless clock system left out of the equation. Wireless clocks have found […] Read more »

Sapling School Clocks: a System Integrator’s Dream Come True

System integration is a key component in practically every modern construction project or renovation out there. Without the appropriate integration, various electrical systems, such as school clocks, within a campus can fail to work properly and efficiently. To combat these important issues, integrators are choosing advanced school clocks, such as Sapling’s, for their various educational […] Read more »

Three Options that Schools Won’t Want to Pass Up for their School Clocks

Synchronized time is, without a doubt, becoming a standard among schools kindergarten through 12th grade. Having extremely accurate time display throughout a school exponentially improves the operations that go on within and around the building. While making the upgrade to synchronized school clocks is always a worth-while endeavor, there are various options and upgrades to […] Read more »

Affordable School Clocks for Universities

Due to the current economic climate, the State of Pennsylvania recently announced a significant budget cut for state school funding. This loss of funds, upon final approval, can seriously halter many of the plans that state colleges have in the works that require substantial sums of money and/or rely heavily on government subsidies. This can […] Read more »

Single? Or Double-Sided School Clocks? That is the question.

Deciding when to use a single or double-sided school clock within a school building can be tedious. Making this decision not only depends on the exact role the clock is intended to take on, but on the design or layout of the school’s building. So when is the best time to use a single or […] Read more »