As We Go On, We Remember

This is the time of year where doors begin to close and others begin to open; where chapters are finished being written and the next one begins. People all around the world are having their lives changed and moving on to new phases of their lives. It is the graduation time of year! College students […] Read more »

Stop, Drop and Install a Synchronized Clock System

There are specific duties that a school is responsible for in their daily operations. Teachers are accountable when it comes to teaching students the subjects needed to learn such as math and English. Along with that, principals and fellow staff are liable to make the correct decisions that maximize the benefits in regards to budget, […] Read more »

Sapling Stars on the Small Screen

We here at Sapling want to thank the people at Technical College High School Pennock’s Bridge Campus for including our clocks in their 2013 commercial! What a pleasant surprise, glad to see you are enjoying your Sapling system. Technical College High School Pennock’s Bridge Campus can be found online at , on Facebook @ […] Read more »

Time to Run at Recess!

No one can forget the good old days in elementary school when the most anticipated time of the day was recess. You trade in lessons in math and English, pencils and blackboards for lessons in exercise and liveliness, fresh air and blacktops. It was seen as a respite time for teachers and for students to […] Read more »

Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – Teamwork at Its Finest

As the old saying goes, ‘There is no I in TEAM!’ Although there is an ‘I’ in the phrase Wireless Clock System, do not let that fool you because this clock system is a terrific example of the meaning of teamwork. They show that when a team works together for a common purpose, much more […] Read more »

Wireless Clock Systems – Education Saviors

There is a general consensus that being a doctor, lawyer, or anything that first requires obtaining such a high degree is most likely a difficult job, but many people do not realize the grueling demands of working in the education industry. Teachers and school administrators face constant pressures on a daily basis. Keeping a budget […] Read more »

March Trade Shows: Healthcare and School Clock Debuts at ASHE and NFMT

As we ease out of the winter season and spring approaches, Sapling’s trade show season follows close behind. From March and on, Sapling will steadily increase its trade show attendance for 2012. In March specifically, we’ll be at two major, nation-wide shows to touch base with existing customers, attain new customers, and show everyone the […] Read more »

Tech Series: Setting Up a Bell Schedule on the Web Interface with Sapling’s Master Clock

When schools decide that they need synchronized time within their building, many of those schools don’t stop at just the clocks. One of the greatest advantages of implementing Sapling’s Synchronized Clock System is having the ability to sync the bells that signal class changes with the accurate time of the master clock and all other […] Read more »

Elapsed Timers for Hospital and School Clocks

In a rapidly evolving world, with new technology constantly emerging, it is imperative that schools, hospitals and other facilities remain as up to date as possible. One step that will help keep your facility from falling behind is the elapsed timer from Sapling for your digital clock. This simple device allows you to control the […] Read more »

District-Wide School Clocks

Those who grew up in the public school system probably remember the nervous excitement they felt every year that it was time to leave their lower school behind and move on to a new facility. School districts are often made up of three or more levels of schooling, each of which has its own set […] Read more »

Wire Guards – Protecting Your Clocks

Picture a typical middle school gym class. You might be envisioning kids running around, a lot of noise being made, and variety of sports balls and equipment flying through the air. In the excitement of a game of waffle ball, red rover or tag, the room often exemplifies chaos and disorder. It’s with good reason […] Read more »

Reasons to Install Wireless School Clocks

During the years of elementary, middle, or high school, you may remember commonly looking up at a clock on the wall and seeing it was minutes or hours off. You might even remember seeing clocks that would not even move—stuck in time since the moment of their mechanical failure. These school clocks, as old and […] Read more »

Schools Clocks—What They Do For Universities

Using synchronized time in universities has become a standard in higher education for years. In fact, more and more school clock systems are being implemented within new construction or remodeling projects throughout the country and abroad. When it comes to getting what you need out of timekeeping, synchronized school clock systems offer just the kind […] Read more »

Master Clocks – A Helpful Component for All Institutions

When you think of a master clock, what may come to mind is the enormous, rack mounted server rooms full of highly accurate time distributing equipment that only a military or space station would find useful. You may ask yourself, who else would need such accurate time in their facility? The term “master clock” sometimes […] Read more »