Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – Teamwork at Its Finest

As the old saying goes, ‘There is no I in TEAM!’ Although there is an ‘I’ in the phrase Wireless Clock System, do not let that fool you because this clock system is a terrific example of the meaning of teamwork. They show that when a team works together for a common purpose, much more […] Read more »

NTP Servers and IP Clocks for Your Network

Networked solutions for hospitals, schools, airports, and many other facilities are becoming more commonplace as the benefits of this type of solution become more apparent. Having the ability to locate multiple systems on one platform has consolidated a lot of the work that building managers used to do with regards to maintenance, upkeep, and monitoring. […] Read more »

Sync Options for Master Clocks

Have you ever visited a facility, looked up at the clocks and taken note that every clock you see displays the exact same time? Chances are you haven’t! While accurate time is somewhat hard to notice for the visitors of a particular building, it is a very important aspect for the employees of many hospitals, […] Read more »

Master Clocks vs. NTP Servers: What’s the Difference?

Not sure whether your clock system needs a master clock? Wondering why you shouldn’t just use a NTP server? These are both valid questions when choosing an appropriate time resource for your facility. The fact of the matter is they both work best when used together. Let’s explain how both devices work and their technology […] Read more »

Syncing Your Entire Facility with an NTP Server

The benefits of having synchronized time throughout a facility can be endless. Having all analog and digital clocks in a facility displaying the exact same time is proven to streamline workflows and increase the efficiency of the building. These are just the benefits to having a synchronized clock system, but what if you had the […] Read more »

Dictionary Series – IP Clock Lingo: A Reference Guide

Not sure what an IP clock system is or whether you even need one? Chances are you are not alone! An IP clock system is a grouping of clocks on one network of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure for the synchronization and display of an accurate time source. Understanding these IP clocks and how they function matters […] Read more »

IP Clocks – What You Need to Know

Today, clock systems are undergoing many innovative changes in design and functionality.  Older systems are becoming obsolete, and the newer, more sophisticated clock systems are now providing the time for new infrastructure and facilities. One system that has gone through rapid advancement is the IP clock system. The most advanced IP systems work on a […] Read more »