Sapling’s Master Clock – Leader of the Pack

  There cannot be a price put on to the value of leadership, which is defined as the action of guiding or managing a group of people or an organization, in any life endeavor. As former President John Quincy Adams one said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and […] Read more »

Evolution of Clocks

When people start to list most important inventions ever created, the same answers are always given: electricity, the wheel, the telephone, the car and the internet. Obviously, all of these inventions have made impacts on our society greater than can be properly explained in one blog post. However, none of these objects could have invented […] Read more »

The Matters of March: 1st day of Spring

Finally, we can see the sunlight at the end of the tunnel! Through the frigid winter, our only warmth was the love and joy of celebrating the holiday season with our friends and family. In regards to winter storms, it seems that this winter was full of promise and disappointment, with more threats then actual […] Read more »

Automatically Spring Forward with a Sapling Wireless Clock System

Daylight Saving Time is happening this weekend! The clocks spring forward at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 10th. This will give us an extra sunlight at the end of our days, giving everyone a reason to drive home happy! Dreading the task of updating all the clocks in a facility? Let Sapling help you out. […] Read more »

Time to Run at Recess!

No one can forget the good old days in elementary school when the most anticipated time of the day was recess. You trade in lessons in math and English, pencils and blackboards for lessons in exercise and liveliness, fresh air and blacktops. It was seen as a respite time for teachers and for students to […] Read more »

Going Green with Sapling

With such a powerful growing initiative as the Green movement, and all the pageantry and effort that comes with it, it is sometimes very simple to overlook it the more as it becomes a common theme in our culture. Many people become consumed by the cause and take all the necessary steps to live a […] Read more »

Master Clocks and IP Clocks

If you have had the time to browse our website, you may have read dozens of blogs outlining the incredible benefits of installing an IP clock system in your facility. However, you may still have a few questions. One of these questions might be, should I purchase a master clock with my IP clock system? […] Read more »

The Benefits of Using 2-Wire Digital Master Clock System

If you are considering a wired clock system for your facility, the 2-wired Digital Master Clock System option with Sapling may be the best option for you. Take a look at the unique advantages of this system below. In addition to the written description, check out our video at the bottom to see a visual […] Read more »

Sync Options for Master Clocks

Have you ever visited a facility, looked up at the clocks and taken note that every clock you see displays the exact same time? Chances are you haven’t! While accurate time is somewhat hard to notice for the visitors of a particular building, it is a very important aspect for the employees of many hospitals, […] Read more »

Start off the School Year in Sync with Sapling’s Master Clock

As the summer draws to a close, administrators, teachers, and numerous other officials are busily preparing schools for the return of hundreds of lively students. Textbooks are being organized, classrooms are being decorated, and supplies are being ordered. With countless details to consider, it is difficult to keep a school running as efficiently as possible, […] Read more »

Sapling’s Master Clock Always Has a Plan “B”

At Sapling, we wanted to create a master timing device that delivered the correct time out to all the clocks in a building or facility while equipped with additional features that the user would find very helpful in their facility.   We developed many different technologies to do so.  Through wireless, wired, and Internet Protocol (IP) […] Read more »

Design for Architects and Engineers: Sapling’s Master Clock System

When it comes to building projects, architects and engineers face many challenges as they design new facilities and remodel older ones to fit the needs of today’s various organizations. Some of the factors that come into play include appearance, metrics, sustainability, retrofitting and interfacing capability. At The Sapling Company, we design and produce our clock […] Read more »

Sapling’s Master Clock in Correctional Facilities

With the continual procurement of highly technical and well furnished systems in correctional facilities, correctional officers and managers, as well as the rest of the staff within these facilities are finding that their day-to-day responsibilities have become much easier to accomplish. Surveillance systems have upgraded their camera quality as well as their coverage of the […] Read more »

Installing Your Sapling GPS Receiver for your SMA Series Master Clock

When purchasing an SMA3000 or 2000 Master Clock from Sapling, there are two options available for synchronizing a master clock to an outside time source: GPS and NTP time. Both have benefits exclusive to one and other, but maybe a particular facility is highly safeguarded and breaking through its internet firewall to receive NTP time […] Read more »