Keeping Facility Maintenance in Check

Facility management can become an enormous task for anyone. There are so many factors to consider when having to manage the equipment in a venue. Facility managers are associated with many different types of facilities, including schools, stadiums, convention centers, offices, shopping complexes, hospitals and many more. One of the major issues that facility managers […] Read more »

Timing Behind the Scenes – Business Complexes

Business operations of all kinds are the backbone of our world economy. No matter what industry a company operates in, product or service an organization provides to the public or other to businesses, workers must work consistently and diligently to complete their assigned tasks to help proceed and increase demand. Within any department of a […] Read more »

How Wireless Clocks Assist with a Facility’s Safety

Supervising and managing a large facility is no walk in the park, especially when you begin to list the countless efforts that must all come together unceremoniously to make sure operations of the facility run efficiently. Large facilities, like hospitals, schools and universities, or businesses, need numerous amounts of these tasks to all come together. […] Read more »

Timing Behind the Scenes – Maintenance Staff

One of the many vital pieces of any efficient business is the effectiveness of its office space. While the employees may be the soul of a company, the office building is where the backbone of the operation occurs. A clean, organized work space provides the proper area for productivity and creativity to grow, as well […] Read more »

Using IP Clock Systems for Facility Maintenance

The phrase “Lower Hour” was the last thing you wanted to hear from our eighth grade teacher at the end of the day. Any classroom or recess misconduct was disciplined with our teacher’s creative after school detention program called “Lower Hour:” an hour after school with the head of our school maintenance staff, Mr. Lower. […] Read more »

How IP Clocks Stay in Sync with Every Device on the Network

Nowadays, more and more facilities are relying solely on network infrastructure to run the many systems that are typically installed in a building. Using the network is considered extremely reliable and eliminates extra expenses that would otherwise occur from additional wiring or materials. There are several key advantages of using network connected devices throughout a […] Read more »

What Users Can Accomplish with Sapling’s IP Clock Monitoring Software

Among all the great technologies and innovations the world has received through Internet Protocol, one that goes commonly overlooked is the development of the IP clock. IP clocks deliver the one thing that every facilities manager or maintenance worker needs: control. Having an IP clock system means the user has the ability to control each […] Read more »