What’s So Great about Healthcare Clocks? Synchronization!

Ever wonder why your local hospital is considered so reliable in your community? A good place to look would be on the walls inside the building. Look at the clocks and see if they are accurate from patient rooms to emergency rooms to lobbies and hallways. Take note of whether every clock displays the same […] Read more »

Healthcare Facility Expansions in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan – a city notorious for their impact in the automotive industry, and becoming increasingly popular in the health services sector, will be hosting a number of infrastructural changes in the near future. One of the nation’s larger urban medical centers, the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) has announced a five year plan to invest […] Read more »

GPS Clock Technology – How It Can Help Your Hospital

In the modern healthcare industry, medical services are on the rise as more and more scientific discoveries are found each day. Accordingly, there is a growing need in recording and tracking time-sensitive materials in this field. Modern technological advances have made overwhelming time information simple to record and easy to access, making inaccurate time telling […] Read more »