Happy National Nurses Day!

Today is National Nurses’ Day! They rightly deserve their day, as they are the true backbone of any healthcare facility. While they may not receive the recognition that doctors do, many times the nurses are the ones who patients remember the most! Nurses are in the hospital rooms, doing the difficult daily chores to ensure […] Read more »

Wireless Clocks Aid in the Healthcare Field

Our world is constantly evolving; we have never had as many people on earth as we do right now. Earth’s population has surpassed the 7 billion mark. A large reason for this growing trend is the fact that humans are living longer than ever before, due in large part to our greater knowledge of the […] Read more »

How Sapling’s Elapsed Timer Can Assist ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The healthcare industry is a vital part of our society, providing care and, in certain situations, savings lives of those who absolutely need it. Sometimes quick decisions are made on the spot at every hospital around the world; these quick decisions impact so many lives, but few hospitals have the eyes of millions placed upon […] Read more »

Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – A Healthcare Necessity

In today’s day and age, people are having a difficult time agreeing on what’s most important in life. Financial achievements tend to be a popular goal for many individuals. On the other hand, people who aren’t as materialistic tend to view less intrinsic successes, such as spending quality time with family friends on a consistent […] Read more »

Installing Hospital Clocks

Hospitals these days are commonly implementing advanced technologies that were rarely utilized nearly a decade ago. Out of these devices and equipment that are used to enhance the performance and effectiveness of the healthcare facility, synchronized hospital clocks have become commonplace in providing the accurate time displays that doctors, nurses and patients require. However, a […] Read more »

Elapsed Timers for Hospital and School Clocks

In a rapidly evolving world, with new technology constantly emerging, it is imperative that schools, hospitals and other facilities remain as up to date as possible. One step that will help keep your facility from falling behind is the elapsed timer from Sapling for your digital clock. This simple device allows you to control the […] Read more »

Hospital IP Clocks: Precision in Code Blue Situations

The activity in a hospital can often be fast-paced and unexpected, such as the many emergency situations that occur on a regular basis. To keep up with the level of urgency necessary in emergency situations, many hospitals have developed a code system to alert hospital personnel of changing circumstances. One code which you may have […] Read more »

Hospital Clocks with an NTP Server – Perfect for the Hospital Campus Setting

Very commonly, a hospital will be comprised of more than just one or two buildings. Well known hospitals such as CHOP in Philadelphia or John Hopkins in Baltimore have their main centralized buildings, and also are surrounded by multiple other buildings—creating the campus setting. These other buildings usually consist of facilities dedicated to research, education, […] Read more »

Life without Hospital Clocks

Try and imagine your workday without your accurate hospital clocks. Maybe you’re a nurse or doctor, or even an intern who doesn’t work full shifts. Regardless of your position at your healthcare facility, chances are your work life would change dramatically if your synchronized hospital clocks one day were no longer on the walls of […] Read more »

Think Hospital Clocks Don’t Matter? Think Again!

In the United States, there are many healthcare facilities that still do not have synchronized hospital clocks. Often times, battery-operated clocks or clocks that plug into the wall are bought from thrift or department stores are hanging up around the hospital. Each one of those clocks has a different time from one another. Not all […] Read more »

Improving Healthcare Facilities One System at a Time: Starting with the Hospital Clock

Is your healthcare facility falling behind in the technology department? Do you walk into other hospitals or nursing homes and see miniscule, but notable upgrades in the equipment these places use that your facility doesn’t? There is a common issue among healthcare facilities around the country where the most up-to-date equipment has not yet been […] Read more »

How a Synchronized Hospital Clock can Help a Healthcare Facility

Like any industry out there, healthcare facilities need accurate time to function properly. Installing hospital clocks in these facilities is a given. Whether you are in the cafeteria, an emergency room or doctor’s office, clocks can usually be seen just about anywhere in a hospital. There are several reasons why having a hospital clock is […] Read more »

Hospital Clocks—Placement Where it Matters

When putting synchronized hospital clocks into operation, healthcare facilities often find themselves consumed with the duty of choosing where those clocks should go. While this may seem like an easy task, administrators as well as facility managers, architects, and engineers all must carefully consider every room and area of a hospital without missing any important […] Read more »

Master Clocks – A Helpful Component for All Institutions

When you think of a master clock, what may come to mind is the enormous, rack mounted server rooms full of highly accurate time distributing equipment that only a military or space station would find useful. You may ask yourself, who else would need such accurate time in their facility? The term “master clock” sometimes […] Read more »

Wireless Solutions for School Clocks and Hospital Clocks

The expansion of wireless solutions across the country in schools as well as hospitals is no coincidence. Because of their low cost and reliability, wireless products have reached a pinnacle in their application of these various facilities, and by no means is the wireless clock system left out of the equation. Wireless clocks have found […] Read more »