The Matters of March: International Earth Day

This Wednesday, March 20th, the entire planet celebrates International Earth Day, which was created to encourage and raise awareness about the current condition of our beloved planet. On this day in particular, a multitude of environmentally friendly actions are encouraged by scientists, researches and environmental experts. Typically, these actions include: recycling, reduce wasted food, carpool […] Read more »

Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility with Sapling’s IP Clock System

Whether you are trying to increase productivity in the workplace or decrease the environmental impact of your business, efficiency is always a beneficial attribute. Due to the available configurations with the IP clock system, Sapling can help to make many aspects of your facility more efficient. One of the greatest benefits to using the Sapling […] Read more »

Taking Steps Towards a “Green” Business with Sapling Wireless Clocks

“Going green”. We’ve heard the phrase again and again. What used to be nothing more than a color has now become a world-wide movement for environmental protection and conservation. The products of this campaign can be seen in everything from anti-littering campaigns to families installing solar panels on their houses. Much of the weight of […] Read more »

Let Sapling Help You Get LEED Certified: Part One

With the growing social interest of “green construction” and the emergence of the government council USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), we at Sapling are aware that architects and engineers are pushing for the development of LEED certified projects. What is LEED?  LEED is a green building certification system, created by the USGBC to promote the […] Read more »

An Approach to Being Green Using Sapling’s Wireless Clock System

Political and economic business strategies today are centered heavily around a growing social concern for the environment. Most experts agree that relying less on fossil fuels for energy and developing new ways to either eliminate or significantly reduce the harmful burning of such fuels will, by far, be the easiest way to help sustain a […] Read more »

Using a Master Clock to Go “Green” in Your School

School teachers and faculty members worldwide know how important it is for a school’s clock system to run correctly for the efficiency of day-to-day activities.  It is important for a student to be in class on time, and for the teachers to be on time as well.  If a student is late for class due […] Read more »