Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – Teamwork at Its Finest

As the old saying goes, ‘There is no I in TEAM!’ Although there is an ‘I’ in the phrase Wireless Clock System, do not let that fool you because this clock system is a terrific example of the meaning of teamwork. They show that when a team works together for a common purpose, much more […] Read more »

Sync Options for Master Clocks

Have you ever visited a facility, looked up at the clocks and taken note that every clock you see displays the exact same time? Chances are you haven’t! While accurate time is somewhat hard to notice for the visitors of a particular building, it is a very important aspect for the employees of many hospitals, […] Read more »

Installing Your Sapling GPS Receiver for your SMA Series Master Clock

When purchasing an SMA3000 or 2000 Master Clock from Sapling, there are two options available for synchronizing a master clock to an outside time source: GPS and NTP time. Both have benefits exclusive to one and other, but maybe a particular facility is highly safeguarded and breaking through its internet firewall to receive NTP time […] Read more »

Dictionary Series – Wired Master Clock System Lingo: A Reference Guide

Thinking about purchasing a wired master clock system but don’t know what questions to ask? When researching wired clocks, some of the terminology can be overwhelming to new users. Not fully understanding all the terms that are involved can leave you confused and keep you from asking the questions that truly help decide what kind […] Read more »

Choosing GPS for Your Wireless Clock System

Facility owners and managers all around the world are making the switch to wireless clock systems in their facilities. Why make such a change in one’s facility? The answer is one word: reliability. Facility managers have grown tired of periodic interruptions due to a faulty, inaccurate clock system. For this reason, synchronized wireless clock systems […] Read more »

GPS Clock Technology – How It Can Help Your Hospital

In the modern healthcare industry, medical services are on the rise as more and more scientific discoveries are found each day. Accordingly, there is a growing need in recording and tracking time-sensitive materials in this field. Modern technological advances have made overwhelming time information simple to record and easy to access, making inaccurate time telling […] Read more »