Installing Your Sapling GPS Receiver for your SMA Series Master Clock

When purchasing an SMA3000 or 2000 Master Clock from Sapling, there are two options available for synchronizing a master clock to an outside time source: GPS and NTP time. Both have benefits exclusive to one and other, but maybe a particular facility is highly safeguarded and breaking through its internet firewall to receive NTP time […] Read more »

Choosing GPS for Your Wireless Clock System

Facility owners and managers all around the world are making the switch to wireless clock systems in their facilities. Why make such a change in one’s facility? The answer is one word: reliability. Facility managers have grown tired of periodic interruptions due to a faulty, inaccurate clock system. For this reason, synchronized wireless clock systems […] Read more »

GPS Clock Technology – How It Can Help Your Hospital

In the modern healthcare industry, medical services are on the rise as more and more scientific discoveries are found each day. Accordingly, there is a growing need in recording and tracking time-sensitive materials in this field. Modern technological advances have made overwhelming time information simple to record and easy to access, making inaccurate time telling […] Read more »