Be Social With Sapling

Social media has become an inescapable part in our society today. Especially for businesses and organizations, having an online presence is detrimental to their success. Interacting with existing and potential customers online is very important if the company or organization wants to remain relevant. If you have fallen behind the times, social media refers to […] Read more »

Interacting with Sapling!

Nowadays, you can’t avoid being social! The advancement of technology, the Internet and formation of the social media revolution has amplified social interaction to a new level. Being a part of the social revolution shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The information and interaction stream is alive and well and anything you wish […] Read more »

Connect with Sapling in More Ways than One

We here at Sapling appreciate all the support given to us from our customers, partners and vendors all around the world! Recently, we have ramped up our social media presence, providing another way for you to connect with us! Connect with us by: – Liking us on Facebook – Following us on Twitter – Learning […] Read more »

This Time in History – The Launch of Facebook

Nowadays, when asked what you were doing this time last year or two years ago, people are now accustomed to going back through their Timeline where they can find posts, videos, photos and events that were occurring and impacting their life at a particular point in time. If you asked Mark Zuckerberg what he was […] Read more »

Sapling Social Media – Stay Updated with Ease

The Sapling Company is a leading technological innovator, and we are eager to provide updates for both new and existing customers about our latest products and advancements. One of our recent blogs discussed trade shows, in which Sapling has the opportunity to travel all over the country and abroad to meet our clients firsthand. Unfortunately, […] Read more »