Traveling with Sapling

Airports can be a particular frustrating place. Aside from the security checks, the seemingly endless airport terminals and flight delays – time confusion is among the top grievances experienced by fliers today. Everyone knows that you have to get to the airport a few hours before your flight in order to make the departure time. […] Read more »

Sapling’s Synchronized Clock Systems – Small Business Saviors

Small businesses are hardly small. These organizations help fuel the United State’s economy. Success for “the little guy” can affect the entire country in a big way. Since the economic collapse of 2007, the importance of small business success has substantially grown. With more and more individuals being laid off from their respective organizations, the […] Read more »

Wireless Clocks: Unknown Benefits

A clock is a product that virtually every industry has in its facilities, but is rarely paid attention to. “It gives the time, that’s it” is the mentality that the average employee would have about this time-telling device. Little do the employees know that an integrated wireless clock system provides a wide array of benefits […] Read more »