Timing Behind the Scenes – Correctional Officers

Correctional facilities, or more commonly known as prisons, have been around for many centuries. One of the earliest forms existed in the shape of dungeons and detention centers. In England, prisons were documented as early as the 1500s. And in the United States, prisons began coming to light after the American Revolution. Since then, prisons […] Read more »

Sapling IP Clock Systems in Correctional Facilities

When executives of correctional facilities meet for their annual budget meeting, swift decisions are made. These decisions affect employees’ jobs, the amount of money that will be accounted into certain departments, and so on and so forth. Large decisions are made at these meetings that affect all stakeholders of the organization. Out of all the […] Read more »

Sapling’s Master Clock in Correctional Facilities

With the continual procurement of highly technical and well furnished systems in correctional facilities, correctional officers and managers, as well as the rest of the staff within these facilities are finding that their day-to-day responsibilities have become much easier to accomplish. Surveillance systems have upgraded their camera quality as well as their coverage of the […] Read more »