Sapling Time Zone Clocks: Corporate Function & Style

Sapling Time Zone Clocks feature 5 to 7 clocks corresponding to different locations’ time zones, adjacent to one and other on a lightweight aluminum extrusion. Both digital clocks and analog clocks are available options. It is possible to mix and match digital and analog clocks within a single Time Zone Clock System. The Time Zone […] Read more »

Happy National Architecture Week

This week, April 7-13, is recognized and celebrated as National Architecture Week. It is a unique time to display the work of talented architects who’ve made positive contributions to the public. Architects have such a valued task, providing us with homes, places of business, leisure, etc. that not only look appealing to the eye, but […] Read more »

Going Green with Sapling

With such a powerful growing initiative as the Green movement, and all the pageantry and effort that comes with it, it is sometimes very simple to overlook it the more as it becomes a common theme in our culture. Many people become consumed by the cause and take all the necessary steps to live a […] Read more »

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Are you having a rough week? Do you feel like this week is never going to end? Well, no worries, as experts of synchronized clock systems and because of our zone clock capabilities, Sapling can promise you that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and the weekend will be here soon enough! A Sapling zone clock is […] Read more »

Synchronized Clock Systems – Wonderful in the Workplace

When the average employee hears the word “clock,” not much is thought of. Many think that they can just get by using their watch or cell phone. While these devices have the ability to display time, a watch or cell phone may not be giving the most accurate time possible. Possessing an integrated, synchronized clock […] Read more »

Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – How Do Clocks Receive Time?

If I asked you what time it was, you could check your watch, the clock on your computer screen, or the timepiece on the wall in order to answer my question. Time is a constant in our lives and while we are always aware of it, have you ever wondered where clocks get the time […] Read more »

Master Clock’s Occupation: provide accuracy and organization.

The word master clock insinuates many things for an individual who has never heard of the device. For one, the fact that there is a “master” clock suggests that there is a clock more superior than the clock we all know that hangs on the walls of our building. The word master also suggests control, […] Read more »

Holiday Blog: Corporate IP Clocks

The end of the year brings some big changes for many business. Around the holiday season, many companies hit their busy peak, particularly those that specialize in consumer goods. There is a general increase in work and deadlines, which can create a lot of pressure. Because of this, a company is under the pressure to […] Read more »

Corporate Productivity – How IP Clocks Can Help

Corporations are continuously striving to be the most productive and efficient organizations possible, particularly in these times of fierce competition and economic downturn. There are many strategies that can be used to achieve these goals. One of the simplest ways to get a leg up on the competition and to ensure that a company operates […] Read more »

Keep Business Running Smooth with Wireless Clocks

Keeping the flow of work moving in a business is extremely vital for any company. In order to keep employees effective while on the job, it is even more important that they have the right resources and technology available to them to make it happen. Let’s look at wireless clocks for example. Wireless clocks are […] Read more »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service

Foreword: Here at Sapling, we strive to please our customers with exceptional performance in both our products and support. We hope to serve as a shining example of excellent customer service by following the strategies below. It is our belief that our customers are the most important asset we have and that they should not […] Read more »

Sapling Wireless Clocks for Your Office Complex

As many business owners can tell you, once a company gets large enough, the amount of “man power” and space needed to continue functioning becomes quite massive. Large businesses and corporations often find themselves in large office buildings and/or multi-building office campuses in order to accommodate business functions and a large staff. As the story […] Read more »

How Synchronized Clocks Keep Your Business Running Smooth

Corporate offices all over the world are concerned with two things: time and efficiency.  The daily operations of any office revolve around managing their time properly in order to reach an efficient state.  It is a common goal in the business world to maximize these two things wherever possible, but finding a way to do […] Read more »