How Sapling’s Elapsed Timer Can Assist ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The healthcare industry is a vital part of our society, providing care and, in certain situations, savings lives of those who absolutely need it. Sometimes quick decisions are made on the spot at every hospital around the world; these quick decisions impact so many lives, but few hospitals have the eyes of millions placed upon […] Read more »

Sapling Accessories – Enhancing a Synchronized Time System

Here at Sapling, we provide state-of-the-art synchronized time systems to a wide array of industries, located all over the world. Along with the clocks themselves and the various synchronized time keeping systems, Sapling also provides a variety of accessories that can enhance any clock system within any industry. Below are a few accessories that Sapling […] Read more »

Hospital IP Clocks: Precision in Code Blue Situations

The activity in a hospital can often be fast-paced and unexpected, such as the many emergency situations that occur on a regular basis. To keep up with the level of urgency necessary in emergency situations, many hospitals have developed a code system to alert hospital personnel of changing circumstances. One code which you may have […] Read more »

Hospital Clocks Controlling Code Blue Situations

As most of us know, emergency situations are virtually an everyday occurrence in healthcare institutions. Unfortunately, these unexpected situations often arise in the form of complications for both sound and at-risk patients. “Code Blue” situations, for instance, are unnerving experiences for doctors and patients alike. In the medical field, Code Blue refers to the cardiac […] Read more »