Sapling Assisting Campus Security

Campus security at any college or university is a full time job. These individuals work around the clock to maintain a safer environment. Campus security is answering phone calls from distressed students, supervising student activities, and monitoring security cameras, among other things. A campus security team can function more efficiently with a synchronized clock system. […] Read more »

Sapling’s Wireless Clock System – Military Aid

Nearly everyone has heard of the “American Dream” and what it stands for. It’s more-or-less the act pursuing happiness and achieving it. Although it’s not an easy task by any means, anyone that works hard has the ability to live the dream. This should not be taken for granted, however, because many other countries do […] Read more »

Sapling’s IP Clock System – Helping You Save Energy

Currently, the world’s population has surpassed the six billion mark, which means that with more people, the more energy we consume on a daily basis. With an increase in the demand for energy, there also comes an increase in the price for energy as well. This fact is evident in the high, record setting gas […] Read more »