The Ultimate Guide to the Time Zone Clock – Part 1

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Sapling’s Time Zone Clock! Don’t know what a Time Zone Clock is or how it can help your facility? We’ve created this guide in order to introduce you to the Time Zone Clock, how it works and how it can help your facility. We split this post into a […] Read more »

The Sapling Advantage

Home field advantage gives any team the upper hand. With the exception of the Philadelphia Eagles, who have won one home game in the last year, playing at home gives your squad the upper hand on their competitors. When a team plays in their home stadium, they feel more comfortable. It is a more familiar […] Read more »

Customization Nation

No matter the product, everyone has different tastes and styles they prefer. Because of this, people really enjoy the ability to customize the items they purchase to meet these preferences. Giving customers the option to personalize their product or service has benefited many different companies in many different industries. Let’s take the shoe industry as […] Read more »

The Brains of Sapling’s Clock Systems

The human brain is responsible for everything that we do. It is responsible for the decisions we make, our reasoning behind that decision, and then physically carrying out that decision. The human brain may possess the same general structure as other mammals, but is much larger relative to body size. The brain has control over […] Read more »

Manufacturing Made Easy

The production department in any company typically runs hand in hand with the company’s overall success. If the manufactures cannot produce goods fast enough then the company’s customer satisfaction will plummet if demand is not met in a timely fashion. The speed in which these manufacturers can produce a product relies heavily on their time […] Read more »

Why Sapling

Sometimes the questions that seem the simplest to answer are sometimes the hardest to develop answers for. A common interview question that the interviewer could ask the potential candidate is just simply “Why you?” The wording is simple but the ability to not be able to promote the good qualities within yourself could be crippling. […] Read more »

Timing Behind the Scenes – Maintenance Staff

One of the many vital pieces of any efficient business is the effectiveness of its office space. While the employees may be the soul of a company, the office building is where the backbone of the operation occurs. A clean, organized work space provides the proper area for productivity and creativity to grow, as well […] Read more »

2-Wire Digital Communication – Expanding Success

Time management is an invaluable skill for virtually any industry. Employees and management alike cannot be fully organized if they are not managing their time well. Furthermore, optimal productivity in the workplace is not possible when organization is not maximized. It all starts with the quality of the clock system within the facility. Many administrators […] Read more »

The Benefits of Using 2-Wire Digital Master Clock System

If you are considering a wired clock system for your facility, the 2-wired Digital Master Clock System option with Sapling may be the best option for you. Take a look at the unique advantages of this system below. In addition to the written description, check out our video at the bottom to see a visual […] Read more »

Dictionary Series – Wired Master Clock System Lingo: A Reference Guide

Thinking about purchasing a wired master clock system but don’t know what questions to ask? When researching wired clocks, some of the terminology can be overwhelming to new users. Not fully understanding all the terms that are involved can leave you confused and keep you from asking the questions that truly help decide what kind […] Read more »

Wired Master Clock Systems – 3 Options to Choose From

Sapling is an industry leader in providing wired master clock solutions for business, manufacturing, education, healthcare and more. When our customers need a wired system that works for them, we have more than one selection to choose from. Choosing the right wired system for any facility is a piece of cake with the system options […] Read more »