Evolution of Clocks

When people start to list most important inventions ever created, the same answers are always given: electricity, the wheel, the telephone, the car and the internet. Obviously, all of these inventions have made impacts on our society greater than can be properly explained in one blog post. However, none of these objects could have invented […] Read more »

This Time in History – The Launch of Facebook

Nowadays, when asked what you were doing this time last year or two years ago, people are now accustomed to going back through their Timeline where they can find posts, videos, photos and events that were occurring and impacting their life at a particular point in time. If you asked Mark Zuckerberg what he was […] Read more »

This Time in History

Time is more than an object that is detected by the hands on a clock. While it’s used to help schedule events in our lives, time can mean so much more. Valuable events have occurred, ideas actualized and revelations discovered that have impacted all of our lives. With this blog series, I would like to […] Read more »