The Many Faces of Sapling Analog Clocks

  When equipping a Sapling synchronized time system a customer has many choices to make. Sapling offers four systems, each with a multitude of options to choose from. After choosing a system the next step is to decide whether you want analog clocks, digital clocks, or a combination of the two. Analog clocks are an […] Read more »

Sapling Lends Some Helping Hands

One of the most vital instruments on our bodies are our hands. An unlimited amount can be translated through the use of our hands; we can show our fortitude and confidence through a handshake with a business associate, create a piece of art, decorate a house, build a foundation of a home or a relationship, […] Read more »

Step-by-Step – Building your Synchronized Clock System

Building a synchronized clock system can initially seem like an overwhelming task. You have many options to choose from, ranging from clock and system type, what accessories you’d like to implement and even the kind of technical information (spec sheets, bill of materials or engineering specs) you’d like to receive. In order to make this […] Read more »

Selecting the Clock that Fits Your Facility

Whether you step foot into a school, hospital, a corporate office or any other type of building, there are usually many clocks that hang on the walls. Typically, people only notice the clocks when they are wondering what time it is or if the clock happens to be malfunctioning. Some might even say “what’s the […] Read more »

The Configuration Station – Simplifying Tool

The Sapling Company is an organization that offers a plethora of technologically advanced timekeeping products for our customers. We understand that not every facility manager is familiar with the ins and outs of synchronized clock systems and making the decision of which system to pick can be difficult. In order to help guide our customers, […] Read more »

The Configuration Station – Added Benefits

After years of development and testing, Sapling is proud to announce the release of the newest addition to our website – The Configuration Station. What is The Configuration Station? It is a tool that Sapling created for our dealers, architects and engineers, as well as the end users of our products around the globe to […] Read more »

The Configuration Station – How to Use it

The time has finally come! Sapling is proud to announce the launch of the brand new Configuration Station on our company website. Beginning this week, visitors will notice a change to Sapling’s website. On the left hand side of the home page just above the Engineering Specifications and Live Chat feature, Sapling has added the […] Read more »