The Sapling Advantage

Home field advantage gives any team the upper hand. With the exception of the Philadelphia Eagles, who have won one home game in the last year, playing at home gives your squad the upper hand on their competitors. When a team plays in their home stadium, they feel more comfortable. It is a more familiar […] Read more »

Tech Series: How to Install Sapling’s New Square Wireless Clock in 4 Easy Steps

Sapling has just recently made an official product release for their new square analog clock product line. The square clock from Sapling was designed to integrate with the look of any facility, available in both black and white finishes, as well as 9” or 12” sizes. Aside from aesthetics, Sapling also made sure to make […] Read more »

Tech Series: Setting Up a Bell Schedule on the Web Interface with Sapling’s Master Clock

When schools decide that they need synchronized time within their building, many of those schools don’t stop at just the clocks. One of the greatest advantages of implementing Sapling’s Synchronized Clock System is having the ability to sync the bells that signal class changes with the accurate time of the master clock and all other […] Read more »

Tech Series: Setting up the Web Interface for Sapling’s SMA 3000 Series Master Clock

For the many facilities and users that have implemented Sapling’s Master Clock System, very few tend to opt out on the web interface option. What is the web interface? The master clock’s web interface is something the Sapling engineers created to make life easier for the user. It allows the one in charge of maintaining […] Read more »