6 Functions of Sapling Master Clocks To Take Advantage Of

Here at Sapling, we value our customers’ wants and needs. We understand that time is money and it shouldn’t be wasted, which is why all our products are built around that idea. We want you to have total control and flexibility over your clock system with minimal human intervention. And to help you accomplish this, […] Read more »

Scheduling Made Easy With Sapling’s Master Clock

Does your educational facility struggle with the mundane task of scheduling bells to sound? Is there no easy system in place that does this for you? If so, your facility may be lacking an automated, synchronizing master clock system for scheduling period changes and passing time. Schools throughout the country find themselves struggling with the […] Read more »

Sapling Master Clocks: Which Model Suits You Best?

When deciding to implement a Sapling synchronized clock system, determining the right system is not the only decision that may take some thought. If you decide to go to a wired or wireless system by Sapling, choosing which master clock should control your system is the very next step. There are two options presented by […] Read more »

Master Clocks: What, Why, When, and How

When most people think of clocks, they usually think of the simple, run-of-the-mill clock most of us keep on the wall of our kitchen or the digital alarm clock we keep sitting on the bedside table. What we don’t think about is just how often we find ourselves adjusting these clocks for drifting due to […] Read more »

Let Sapling Help You Get LEED Certified: Part One

With the growing social interest of “green construction” and the emergence of the government council USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), we at Sapling are aware that architects and engineers are pushing for the development of LEED certified projects. What is LEED?  LEED is a green building certification system, created by the USGBC to promote the […] Read more »

Using a Master Clock to Go “Green” in Your School

School teachers and faculty members worldwide know how important it is for a school’s clock system to run correctly for the efficiency of day-to-day activities.  It is important for a student to be in class on time, and for the teachers to be on time as well.  If a student is late for class due […] Read more »

Get the Most from Your Master Clock

Large facilities such as hospitals or schools very commonly run off of one synchronized clock system. These sites most likely installed the system to gain the benefits of having a reliable time source. However, if systems are set up only to tell the time, facilities could be missing out on many helpful tasks a synchronized […] Read more »