Sapling Synchronized Clock Systems – Always Having a Solution to a Problem

In one way or another, all organizations rely on time management for the sake of their success. Hospitals need to focus on the time at all stages of the day, otherwise putting their patients, as well as their reputations, at risk. The same thing goes with schools. They need to make sure that all clocks […] Read more »

Master Clock Relays: How They Benefit 3 Different Facilities

If you already have a wired or wireless synchronized clock system installed in your facility, you are already receiving the benefits of synchronized time via a master clock. For those facilities that have chosen to install IP clocks, installing a master clock is an option for additional features. But what exactly are these additional features, […] Read more »

District-Wide School Clocks

Those who grew up in the public school system probably remember the nervous excitement they felt every year that it was time to leave their lower school behind and move on to a new facility. School districts are often made up of three or more levels of schooling, each of which has its own set […] Read more »

Wire Guards – Protecting Your Clocks

Picture a typical middle school gym class. You might be envisioning kids running around, a lot of noise being made, and variety of sports balls and equipment flying through the air. In the excitement of a game of waffle ball, red rover or tag, the room often exemplifies chaos and disorder. It’s with good reason […] Read more »

Using IP Clock Systems for Facility Maintenance

The phrase “Lower Hour” was the last thing you wanted to hear from our eighth grade teacher at the end of the day. Any classroom or recess misconduct was disciplined with our teacher’s creative after school detention program called “Lower Hour:” an hour after school with the head of our school maintenance staff, Mr. Lower. […] Read more »

Inclement Weather Preparation with Wireless Clocks

For those of us in a four-season climate, winter happens. This year, for those of us on the east coast of the United States, winter happened much sooner than we could have expected. When I think of snow, I usually picture a mid-January, post-Christmas storm in which I am armed and ready to go with […] Read more »

Sapling’s IP Monitor Software – Keep an Eye on Every Master Clock in the District

One major feature of Sapling’s IP clocks that we take great pride in is our IP Clock Monitor Software. The software, which comes free with the purchase of an IP clock system from Sapling, allows the user to intuitively configure, control, and monitor every single clock in the system—a convenient tool for any facility. However, […] Read more »

Master Clocks – A Helpful Component for All Institutions

When you think of a master clock, what may come to mind is the enormous, rack mounted server rooms full of highly accurate time distributing equipment that only a military or space station would find useful. You may ask yourself, who else would need such accurate time in their facility? The term “master clock” sometimes […] Read more »

3 Reasons Why Accuracy is Necessary in Time Sources like Wireless Clocks

Most of us can agree that checking the time becomes a rather mindless habit that comes as natural to us as tying our shoes or brushing our teeth in the morning. What we don’t stop to think about is just how much everything we do is determined by the alarm clock by the bed or […] Read more »

Protect Your Clock System with Wire Guards

With the many updates and innovations found in today’s systems integration, many businesses, schools, hospitals, and government organizations are making upgrades in their facility’s clock system. Synchronized clocks have become one of the most common choices to upgrade, mainly due to their reliability and accuracy. However, these clock systems are not inexpensive and more facilities […] Read more »

HERE’S THE SITUATION SERIES: School Districts Get in Sync with Advanced Timing Solutions

Many schools districts all over the country often struggle to manage their time. In large school districts, this can become even more difficult. Since schools within a district share many resources, timing is of the utmost importance. Busses, for instance, are shared between elementary schools, middle schools and high schools; all of which commence and […] Read more »

Using a Master Clock to Go “Green” in Your School

School teachers and faculty members worldwide know how important it is for a school’s clock system to run correctly for the efficiency of day-to-day activities.  It is important for a student to be in class on time, and for the teachers to be on time as well.  If a student is late for class due […] Read more »

Get the Most from Your Master Clock

Large facilities such as hospitals or schools very commonly run off of one synchronized clock system. These sites most likely installed the system to gain the benefits of having a reliable time source. However, if systems are set up only to tell the time, facilities could be missing out on many helpful tasks a synchronized […] Read more »