A Comprehensive Sapling Glossary

With all the technology that is cultivated here at the Sapling Company, we thought it would be useful to provide you with a glossary of common terms you will come across throughout our website and in dealing with our products in order to help benefit you and your facility. By providing you with these synchronized […] Read more »

Dictionary Series – Wired Master Clock System Lingo: A Reference Guide

Thinking about purchasing a wired master clock system but don’t know what questions to ask? When researching wired clocks, some of the terminology can be overwhelming to new users. Not fully understanding all the terms that are involved can leave you confused and keep you from asking the questions that truly help decide what kind […] Read more »

Dictionary Series – IP Clock Lingo: A Reference Guide

Not sure what an IP clock system is or whether you even need one? Chances are you are not alone! An IP clock system is a grouping of clocks on one network of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure for the synchronization and display of an accurate time source. Understanding these IP clocks and how they function matters […] Read more »

Dictionary Series – Wireless Clock Lingo: A Reference Guide

Trying to decide on a wireless clock system? If you are new to the world of synchronized timekeeping, this may not be the easiest task. Perhaps the first thing you should do is learn how to talk the talk. Learning how wireless clocks work and making necessary decisions when picking them out, however, can be […] Read more »