TalkBack to the Future – The Next Generation

Many individuals fail to acknowledge that time management is more-or-less the root to success. Organization, for example, is a trait that is widely used to characterize one who succeeds. An organized individual has a plan, is determined to complete an objective and does not let distractions set him or her back. I think I can […] Read more »

My First Day on the Sapling Team

Have you ever actually taken the time to think about clocks? I haven’t, until today that is. The time is constantly around us, whether it’s hanging on the wall, sitting in the corner of your computer screen, or even attached to your wrist. What was so special about this particular day that time was on […] Read more »

Integrated Synchronized Clock Systems: The Sapling Advantage

People that work in any industry rely on correct time display. All workers who commute need to make sure that their flight and/or train arrives at, what they believe is, the correct time. Teachers and school administrators need to make sure the time that is being displayed on their clocks is the same in each […] Read more »

Time after Time—Seconds Make All the Difference

If you’ve had a chance to check out our website and browse through our blogs, you’ve read again and again the importance of having accurate, synchronized clocks to keep the correct time. But how important is keeping accurate time, really? Should we care about a few minutes or seconds here or there? Before you jump […] Read more »