Prescheduled Countdowns

In schools, keeping the student body on track is usually done with bell systems. The bells sound and students have a predetermined amount of time to travel from one class to another. The problem is that students don’t quite know how much time they have left between class periods or during their lunch break. Do […] Read more »

Security through Sapling

The news often features stories of robberies and hackers where people have lost valuable objects and information due to inadequate security. Sapling Master Clocks come with many security features, such as a real-time operating system so the code is stored in an unmodifiable flash memory. This makes it impossible to insert malicious code. The software […] Read more »

Master Clocks and Third-Party Systems

One of the many features of a Sapling master clock is the ability to interface and trigger third-party systems via programmable relays. Any Sapling 3000 Series Master Clock with relays can be programmed with schedules and events, controlling multiple devices from one location. Standard features of a Sapling Master Clock with relays include: • 4 […] Read more »

Elapsed Timers in Hospitals

In hospitals, the most common emergency situation is a “Code Blue.” This term refers to a patient that is undergoing cardiac or respiratory arrest and is in imminent danger. Nurses and doctors have mere seconds to revive the patient before permanent damage sets in, but how do they know how long a patient has been […] Read more »

Sapling is Coming to You!

Here at Sapling clocks & customers are our top priority! We thoroughly enjoy getting to meet new and current customers of Sapling! Each year we attend several trade shows both nationally and internationally, so come and meet us at one of our shows on the list below: Healthcare Facilities Symposium Hilton Orlando Sept 19-21 Booth […] Read more »

National Clock Month

Our warm summer is abruptly transforming into a brisk fall as October quickly approaches. Shorts are turning into pants, t-shirts into long-sleeves, and flip-flops into loafers and boots. This exciting month is filled with national holidays, such as: National Homemade Cookies Day (Oct. 1st) National Name Your Car Day (Oct. 2nd) National Do Something Nice […] Read more »

Art is Timeless – Personalizing Clocks

For fifty years, Laguna Beach, California, has held three well-known art festivals: Festival of Arts, Sawdust Art Festival, and Laguna Art-A-Fair. While these art shows initially began as one festival, disagreements led to separation. This year, fifty artists from the three shows united to create fifty clocks stationed all around the city, initiating the first […] Read more »