IP Clocks – What They Mean to Your Facility

Most people don’t realize how important the little things are in a facility. A variety of everyday items such as computers, projectors and intercom systems keep things running normally throughout the day. Another item that often gets overlooked is the clock system. Having clocks that are not on time in your facility can cause disorder […] Read more »

Think Hospital Clocks Don’t Matter? Think Again!

In the United States, there are many healthcare facilities that still do not have synchronized hospital clocks. Often times, battery-operated clocks or clocks that plug into the wall are bought from thrift or department stores are hanging up around the hospital. Each one of those clocks has a different time from one another. Not all […] Read more »

Hey, IT Admins: Keep Your Facility on Time with IP Clocks

Being an IT Administrator for a company can be a stressful occupation. After all, you’re responsible for all of the computers, network hardware, servers, software and security for an entire corporation. It can be a taxing job, especially with how quickly technology advances and progresses in such a short period of time. One area of […] Read more »