Master Clock Relays: How They Benefit 3 Different Facilities

If you already have a wired or wireless synchronized clock system installed in your facility, you are already receiving the benefits of synchronized time via a master clock. For those facilities that have chosen to install IP clocks, installing a master clock is an option for additional features. But what exactly are these additional features, […] Read more »

Repeaters: Do You Need Them?

After purchasing your Sapling Synchronized Clock System, you need to make the decision as to exactly where in your facility each clock will go. You may choose these locations based on a variety of other reasons. For example, some teachers may want clocks in the front of the room for all students to see, while […] Read more »

How a Wireless Clock System Can fit your Budget

By browsing through our website and blogs, you may have come to the conclusion that a synchronized wireless clock system is just what you have been needing in your facility. If you have recently planned out your yearly budget, you may still be wondering how a wireless clock system might fit in. It can be […] Read more »

Sapling Spotlight: Natalie Andree, National Account Manager

Once a customer has decided to invest in a Sapling Synchronized Clock System, they often encounter some questions throughout the purchase and installation process. When a question arises, there are several means of contacting Sapling to get the answer you need. One option may be to log onto the live chat function on the Sapling […] Read more »

Sapling’s Innovations in Synchronized Clock Systems

In the synchronized timekeeping market, innovation is key when it comes to producing products that best serve the needs of our customers. Sapling has been a leading innovator in the field, and we take great pride in our patented technologies which set our synchronized clock systems apart from the rest. We recognized some of the […] Read more »

Planning for 2012 with Sapling Synchronized Clocks

Even though the fireworks and champagne have long since gone, it is never too late to begin to plan for the new year. Your plan may include several key areas of improvement, but chances are you have included a desired increase in efficiency and organization for your facility. There are many steps that you can […] Read more »

Sapling Digital Double Mount Housing

When you make the decision to install a synchronized clock system in your facility, you want to make sure you order the precise variety of clocks to suit your application. Due to the wide range of timekeeping needs we encounter, Sapling offers a variety of features regarding both function and style to make certain that […] Read more »

Holiday Blog: Corporate IP Clocks

The end of the year brings some big changes for many business. Around the holiday season, many companies hit their busy peak, particularly those that specialize in consumer goods. There is a general increase in work and deadlines, which can create a lot of pressure. Because of this, a company is under the pressure to […] Read more »

Master Clocks and IP Clocks

If you have had the time to browse our website, you may have read dozens of blogs outlining the incredible benefits of installing an IP clock system in your facility. However, you may still have a few questions. One of these questions might be, should I purchase a master clock with my IP clock system? […] Read more »

Sapling Spotlight: Mitch Gobetz, Marketing Manager

If you’ve had the chance to peruse the Sapling website outside of our blog section, you’ve seen countless resources on all things Sapling: videos, white papers, spec sheets, you name it! A click on the “Contact” page will reveal even more Sapling resources in the form of social media. Some may not realize how much […] Read more »

District-Wide School Clocks

Those who grew up in the public school system probably remember the nervous excitement they felt every year that it was time to leave their lower school behind and move on to a new facility. School districts are often made up of three or more levels of schooling, each of which has its own set […] Read more »

Hospital IP Clocks: Precision in Code Blue Situations

The activity in a hospital can often be fast-paced and unexpected, such as the many emergency situations that occur on a regular basis. To keep up with the level of urgency necessary in emergency situations, many hospitals have developed a code system to alert hospital personnel of changing circumstances. One code which you may have […] Read more »

Sapling Spotlight Series: Amy O’Brien, Support Manager

When I was first hired at The Sapling Company, I was greeted by the cheerful Human Resources Manager, Amy O’Brien. In addition to making new employees feel welcome, she assists them with any other necessary on-boarding tasks, such as paperwork and office tours. However, with all of the work that Amy puts into helping new […] Read more »

Inclement Weather Preparation with Wireless Clocks

For those of us in a four-season climate, winter happens. This year, for those of us on the east coast of the United States, winter happened much sooner than we could have expected. When I think of snow, I usually picture a mid-January, post-Christmas storm in which I am armed and ready to go with […] Read more »

Daylight Saving—November 6th, 2011

The fall is a particularly busy time of year. The kids are back in school and a number of holidays command our attention and energy. With all of these changes going on, it’s a wonder anyone can keep track of all of these details. To add to the list of changes, there is one other […] Read more »