Make Sapling IP Clocks Part of your New Year’s Resolution

With the Holidays and New Year’s Eve festivities behind us, it’s time to focus on those New Year’s resolutions! So many Americans resolve to make positive changes in their lives at the start of every year. Many see it as a chance to start over, an opportunity to achieve something they’ve always wanted, or a […] Read more »

Elapsed Timers for Hospital and School Clocks

In a rapidly evolving world, with new technology constantly emerging, it is imperative that schools, hospitals and other facilities remain as up to date as possible. One step that will help keep your facility from falling behind is the elapsed timer from Sapling for your digital clock. This simple device allows you to control the […] Read more »

Double Mount Housing for Analog Synchronized Clocks

When I was first introduced to the phrase “double mount housing” I was unfamiliar with its meaning and unsure of its function. If you are looking for a synchronized clock system, you may have come across these terms and have had similar doubts. Take a look at some of these double mount housing basics for […] Read more »

The Benefits of Using 2-Wire Digital Master Clock System

If you are considering a wired clock system for your facility, the 2-wired Digital Master Clock System option with Sapling may be the best option for you. Take a look at the unique advantages of this system below. In addition to the written description, check out our video at the bottom to see a visual […] Read more »

Wire Guards – Protecting Your Clocks

Picture a typical middle school gym class. You might be envisioning kids running around, a lot of noise being made, and variety of sports balls and equipment flying through the air. In the excitement of a game of waffle ball, red rover or tag, the room often exemplifies chaos and disorder. It’s with good reason […] Read more »

Using Sync-Wire Communication to Update your Facility

Do you work in a facility with a need for new or updated clock installations? Are you unsatisfied with your current or past clock companies and hesitant to continue working with them? Do you find that replacing parts is a frequent and costly endeavor? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then […] Read more »

Using IP Clock Systems for Facility Maintenance

The phrase “Lower Hour” was the last thing you wanted to hear from our eighth grade teacher at the end of the day. Any classroom or recess misconduct was disciplined with our teacher’s creative after school detention program called “Lower Hour:” an hour after school with the head of our school maintenance staff, Mr. Lower. […] Read more »

Improving Bus Terminals with Wireless Clock Systems

During the fourteen months that I spent traveling in South America, some of the most memorable experiences occurred while waiting, sleeping, and people-watching at bus terminals. Bus transport is the most common form of transportation on the continent, as train infrastructure is lacking and airline prices are high. Due to the lack of other viable […] Read more »

Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility with Sapling’s IP Clock System

Whether you are trying to increase productivity in the workplace or decrease the environmental impact of your business, efficiency is always a beneficial attribute. Due to the available configurations with the IP clock system, Sapling can help to make many aspects of your facility more efficient. One of the greatest benefits to using the Sapling […] Read more »