How a Synchronized Hospital Clock can Help a Healthcare Facility

Like any industry out there, healthcare facilities need accurate time to function properly. Installing hospital clocks in these facilities is a given. Whether you are in the cafeteria, an emergency room or doctor’s office, clocks can usually be seen just about anywhere in a hospital. There are several reasons why having a hospital clock is […] Read more »

Timing Capabilities of IP Clocks

Nowadays, there are still lots of reasons why things like stopwatches and timers are used on a daily basis. Many businesses in many industries need to keep track of activities in order to ensure things like quality and safety. One technology that is particularly used often to facilitate timing is the IP clock. Not only […] Read more »

IP Clocks—Making International Travel That Much Easier

Just a few months ago, my trip abroad was, unfortunately, coming to an end. After just three and a half months of visiting in Rome, Italy and traveling throughout Europe, I had been on 18 planes, to 16 cities within eight different countries, and slept on a countless number of hotel beds. It was without […] Read more »

Design for Architects and Engineers: Sapling’s Master Clock System

When it comes to building projects, architects and engineers face many challenges as they design new facilities and remodel older ones to fit the needs of today’s various organizations. Some of the factors that come into play include appearance, metrics, sustainability, retrofitting and interfacing capability. At The Sapling Company, we design and produce our clock […] Read more »

Schools Clocks—What They Do For Universities

Using synchronized time in universities has become a standard in higher education for years. In fact, more and more school clock systems are being implemented within new construction or remodeling projects throughout the country and abroad. When it comes to getting what you need out of timekeeping, synchronized school clock systems offer just the kind […] Read more »

Hospital Clocks—Placement Where it Matters

When putting synchronized hospital clocks into operation, healthcare facilities often find themselves consumed with the duty of choosing where those clocks should go. While this may seem like an easy task, administrators as well as facility managers, architects, and engineers all must carefully consider every room and area of a hospital without missing any important […] Read more »

Wireless Clock Systems—Why to Make the Switch

Are you wondering whether more and more schools are making the switch from their older, wired clock systems to new wireless clock systems? As a matter of fact, they are! Outdated wired clock systems have given the education industry a serious run for their money for far too long. After having exhausted much of their […] Read more »

Wireless Clocks: The Technology Within

Understanding wireless clocks means understanding the technology they hold within. Wireless clock systems are reliable sources of accurate time without the hassle of extra wiring during installation. These clocks have technology that allows the system to synchronize wirelessly and effortlessly for its users. In order to understand exactly what it is that a wireless clock […] Read more »

IP Clock Infrastructure—Paving the Way for Modern Time Synchronization!

Nowadays, IP infrastructure can be found just about anywhere. While older buildings may still carry on without such new and pioneering technology, new construction is constantly implementing IP infrastructure throughout the design of a new building project. There are several advantages to installing IP throughout a structure. In a world where almost nothing can be […] Read more »

How IP Clocks Stay in Sync with Every Device on the Network

Nowadays, more and more facilities are relying solely on network infrastructure to run the many systems that are typically installed in a building. Using the network is considered extremely reliable and eliminates extra expenses that would otherwise occur from additional wiring or materials. There are several key advantages of using network connected devices throughout a […] Read more »

Master Clocks vs. NTP Servers: What’s the Difference?

Not sure whether your clock system needs a master clock? Wondering why you shouldn’t just use a NTP server? These are both valid questions when choosing an appropriate time resource for your facility. The fact of the matter is they both work best when used together. Let’s explain how both devices work and their technology […] Read more »

Keep Business Running Smooth with Wireless Clocks

Keeping the flow of work moving in a business is extremely vital for any company. In order to keep employees effective while on the job, it is even more important that they have the right resources and technology available to them to make it happen. Let’s look at wireless clocks for example. Wireless clocks are […] Read more »

Why IP Clocks Do All the Work without All the Hassle

It’s not hard to imagine that keeping up with the maintenance in large facilities can be a tiring task. Between inspecting various systems periodically, making repairs and programming changes, facility managers and maintenance personnel are constantly jumping from task to task in order to not fall behind. One reliable system that eases this burden is […] Read more »